Samurai Slasher Part Three

The Samurai Slasher Part Three (available here) is a homage to 80s horror, that centres around a Samurai who returns from the dead for some unfinished business. He’s slashed his way through Japan, the US army, a support group for survivors of similar slashers, and now he’s back to finish off the tired and predictable trilogy format…

He also going to fight hordes of the undead in hell, a legion of resurrected samurai warriors, and his koi-carp inspired nemesis…


Part three of the collection ties together all the various story threads from the previous two collections, as the Samurai Slasher is pitted against the evil Sharaai!

The incredible artists involved in this volume are Gavin Mitchell, Michael Lee-Graham, Katie Fleming, Andy W. Clift, Jim Lavery, Andy Bloor, Rory Donald, Alisdair Wood, Dan Butcher, Dave Jones, and Jennie Gyllblad. With Nathan Ashworth on colours and Mike Stock on letters.

Samurai Origins 3 Samurai Lake 2 Samurai Hell 1 Samurai Final 2

“Garley and the gang have created a memorable and iconic kick-ass katana wielding monster whose thirst for revenge is unstoppable. Literally. A great addition to the horror genre.”

- Olly MacNamee (

“Gore, action and horror in large doses. An excellent finale to a superb series. A must read.”

- Ian Loxam (Comic Art Festival Podcast) 

“Samurai Slasher goes out with a bang. The Final Chapter elevates the series to new heights within the slasher genre.”

- James Ferguson (Horror Talk)

“Unlike most horror movie trilogies, Garley and co. have saved the best for last!”

- Alex Thomas (Pipedream Comics)

“The perfect mash-up of classic 80’s and mass-murdering samurai, in these fast-paced, action-packed comic stories.”

- Susie Cumberland (Word of the Nerd)