The Kill Screen

The Kill Screen is a brand new creator owned comic written by Mike Garley, with artwork by Josh Sherwell, and letters by Mike Stock.


Humanity has reached its Kill Screen. Now only the strongest will survive as computer errors transcend from the digital world into our own, destroying everything in their way.

  • The Kill Screen – written by Mike Garley, art by Josh Sherwell and letters by Mike Stock.

Set two years after ‘The Kill Screen’ event, humanity is left on the brink of extinction leaving the remaining survivors caught in a deadly 8-Bit fight for survival.

No one knows what caused computer errors and technological faults to infect our world, but with a wide range of different dangers, threatening the lives of the survivors on a daily basis, no one cares. Surviving is all that matters.

The cover of The Kill Screen #1 (ILOVEYOU)

The cover of The Kill Screen #1 (ILOVEYOU)

Ten-page preview from the first issue of the ongoing episodic comic:


ILOVEYOU - Chris and Jill find themselves caught in the middle of a deathmatch in the ominously titled ILOVEYOU.

Written by Mike Garley, art by Josh Sherwell, and letters by Mike Stock - 32 Pages

“9.5 The Kill Screen is a must read – it offers a unique premise, and strong execution.” – Unleash the Fanboy

“Startlingly original. The concept alone makes it worth checking out.” – Gore Press

“10/10 – Edge of the seat moments mix with brutal but very human moments. BRILLIANT!” – Comics Anonymous

“I can imagine this comic book catching on as a cult hit.” – Rhymes with Geek

“A strong foundation for a series to begin with and offers tons of story line possibilities.” – What’cha Reading

“This story doesn’t pull its punches…” – Nerdly

CASCADE - Chris struggles to come to terms with the fallout from the deathmatch, as he’s pursued by a new evil. Followers.

Written by Mike Garley, art by Josh Sherwell, and letters by Mike Stock - 28 Pages

“Grab it now and treasure forever.” – Word of the Nerd

“A fantastic read, with an incredibly original concept, and it’s not coming from the Big Two or Image, but from the UK Indie Small Press scene. You have to get your hands on it however you can!” – Bleeding Cool

“Kill Screen #2 is a real treat, and offers a promising premise. Go grab this thing today.” – Unleash the Fanboy


HERE WE HAVE – After all the trials and tribulations that Chris and the gang have gone through, they decide that now is the time to get the hell out of town! But can they escape before CATS and his followers finally catch up with them?

Spoiler: Probably not…

Written by Mike Garley, art by Josh Sherwell, and letters by Mike Stock - 28 Pages

“10/10 – If you’re not reading this then you’re missing out for sure.” – Comics Anonymous

“the best issue of the Kill Screen so far” – DownTheTubes

“A clever concept with a strong visual style” – Inter-Comics Podcast

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