Mike wrote and edited the six-part portmanteau SCI-FI comic Collider, which is part of beActive’s EMMY nominated transmedia project.


COLLIDER is an interactive multiplatform project, a sci-fi story told across a range of different media, designed to embrace the overwhelming opportunities offered by the digital world, along with the great storytelling originally found in major film productions. It tells the story of six people transported to a post-apocalyptic 2018, where they have to fight to discover how they got there, how to survive, and how to get back to the present.

The story focuses on a young scientist Peter, who sabotages CERN laboratories Hadron Collider when his credibility is wrongfully destroyed. By doing so he accidentally transports himself via a wormhole to a world ruined by natural disasters and at war with the Unknown. He brings with him five people who have ‘jumped’ from different times and different places, but who each hold vital clues needed to return back to their present times. Peter keeps getting flashbacks and a sense of déjà vu linked to the future. If he’s right then he has just 24 hours to figure out a way to get to CERN, reverse the wormhole and prevent the apocalypse because when the clock runs out so does Earth’s existence.

The COLLIDER story is told across several platforms, including comic books, webisodes, a Web site, several mobile games and apps and an upcoming feature film. COLLIDER also benefits from an extended social media presence, supporting the project through cross promotion on different social networks and channels.

  • Collider. Written by Mike Garley, illustrated by various and lettered by Mike Stock. Cover by Michael Lee-Graham.

The competed digital comic was adapted into a 132 page graphic novel and six motion comics.