Eponymous   –   Written by Mike Garley with art by Martin Simmonds and letters by Mike Stock.

The age of superheroes is over. All are long since dead or forgotten, allowing the world to return to its preconceived idea of normality. But when a massacre on a global scale is predicted at the hands of Casey – the first super-powered-individual the world has seen for nearly twenty years – the decision is taken to find her and to kill her, before it’s too late. Dragged into a deadly game of cat and mouse, Casey must fight to unravel the mysteries of her past, fight to avoid her predicted role in the nightmarish version of the future – and fight just to stay alive.

The cover to Eponymous issue #1

The cover to Eponymous issue #1

Below is a ten-page prelude comic. Use the arrows on the edges of the image to scroll left or right, or alternatively you can use the page indicator at the bottom of each page to navigate the comic.

  • Eponymous: Prelude