Mike helped develop the IOS based survival horror game: CULLtivate, for small independent games developer Wickedy Splits.

‘CULLtivate is an immersive, survival-horror, gaming experience.

In the every-second-counts world of CULLtivate you must survive rivaling factions, sinister creatures, and the deadly unknown that lurks around every corner, as you frantically attempt to discover what’s driven the human race to the brink of extinction.

This unique amalgamation of high-concept storytelling and high-octane action, collide in this point-and-click adventure. The result is a survival, horror, experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The IOS will never be the same again!’

A screenshot of CULLtivate.


Mike worked with Masters of Pie to develop the browser-based game: Media Mogul.


‘Media Mogul is a comedic light-simulation 3D game about the power of information, truth and opinion. The player will discover how this information can be spun to influence opinion, make money and the wider implications that news stories can have on society as a whole.’


A screenshot of Media Mogul