I’ve got big plans this Halloween – I’m a comic guest at Moving Pictures’ Halloween Comicfest in the day (check out that plug!), and in the evening I’m participating in Halloween based shenanigans, which entails board games, pizza, and watching some short horror films chosen by me!

I’ve decided to upload those films for you here. And now.

The following adverts, shorts, and trailers have been selected for people who don’t tend to watch a lot of horror, and should hopefully get you in the mood for Halloween. I know I’ve missed off loads of great films but I had to stop somewhere! Please feel free to tweet me your thoughts on the list (@mikegarley).

It should go without saying but these films are very NSFW and although I consider myself to be well and truly on the ‘nicer’ side of horror fandom, there’s still a lot of messed up stuff here.

You have been warned…

Sit Back and Relax

But please treat this list with respect… And turn off your bloody phone! NSFW from the get-go from TV and film’s James Moran’s Frighfest ident ‘Turn Off Your Bloody Phone’.

The Ad Break

I’m afraid even moderated lists of short horror films have adverts now. Sorry guys.

Short Showcase

The following selection of shorts are a mix of suspense, comedy and old school slasher goodness. Enjoy. And James is back to remind you to turn off your phone. You know, just in case.

The Main Attraction

If you do have a bit longer than I suggest you check out this last film, and with it, the last chance to see one of James Moran’s infamous idents.

Feature Films

If you enjoyed those films or have a bit more time then here some trailers for some full length films. And yes, I know I’ve missed off a million great films, but I had to stop somewhere!

Pontypool is definitely a strange film – set almost entirely in a radio station it takes the zombie genre in a different direction.

I love Severance (written by James Moran who did the idents above) it’s smart, horrific fun and Danny Dyer is great in it. On a side note, it was this film that started my love of writing. Watch it!

Even my wife (who isn’t a horror fan) loves this film. It’s fun, funny, got a great cast and advocates drinking. I’d imagine out of all the films on this list this is one that would be best suited to group viewing.

Are you slightly pretentious or overly critical of the film industry as a whole? Then Rubber is for you! I loved this film and its weird straight to camera monologues, however the three people I watched it with all hated it, saying it was too long and just a bit dull.

In the mouth of Madness is by John Carpenter (that should really be enough info…) and is that perfect blend of 80s/90s horror (the film came out in 95) that really elevates this film and its lovecraftian themes.

You’re Next is one of my favourite films of the last ten years. It’s a slasher film done right. Watch it.

Computer Game Recommendation

If you’re into your gaming and have a little time/money to spend then I’d highly suggest giving this little beast a go:

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a fairly polarising game as it’s so reliant on ‘jump scares’, but I love it! I think its real quality comes from its unique and eerie premise. Watch a play through of it (like this one here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOztnsBPrAA) and see what you think.

On another side note I (unsuccessfully) attempted to get the licence to FNAF to make a comic. Man, that would have been incredible…

Dice Game

If you like board/card/dice games then I’d highly recommend Elder Signs, which is one of the most fun cooperative dice games I’ve ever played. Check out the trailer.

Book Recommendation

Beast In The Basement by Jason Arnopp is a fantastic little book and at just £1.99 for about 100 pages it’s a steal. You can read a sample from it here (Beast In The Basement by Jason Arnopp – Free Sample), but I’d recommend just buying it and taking the risk. If you’re someone who normally looks at things like Amazon reviews then be wary that a lot of them contain spoilers. It’s 4.5 stars. That should be all you need to know.

Comic Recommendation

If you’ve enjoyed this list then there’s a big chance that you’d enjoy my comic (I know…), which is about a mythical Samurai that goes on multiple killing sprees. The Samurai Slasher is a slasher comic that doesn’t take itself too seriously and includes four different stories. You can get it here (Comixology) or from my store here (mikegarley.bigcartel.com). Here’s a few preview pages to whet your appetite:

  • “The Samurai Slasher Is a silly, fun, gory genre-exploration” - Bleeding Cool

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and have discovered something new. Feel free to let me know what you think over on twitter (@mikegarley).