VS Comics

VS Comics was a monthly digital comic from Mike Garley and James Moran! VS Comics featured both ongoing and one-off stories of any genre brought to you by an assorted team of creators from the worlds of TV, Film and Comics. VS Comics was a creative venture, which aimed to allow creators creative control over their properties in a monthly format.

(Eponymous written by me, illustrated by Martin Simmonds, letters by Mike Stock)

The comic was made up by two ten-page lead stories, and two guest stories. The Guest Story slots allowed creators the flexibility to create the stories they wanted to tell, without being confined by genre, or to a particular length, which resulted in a diverse mix of stories from both established creators and up and coming creators alike.

(Day and Night written by James Moran, illustrated by Patrick Walsh, colours by Nadine Ashworth, letters by Mike Stock)

We had this crazy notion that good, affordable, accessible storytelling, which is creatively rewarding has a mass-market appeal, which we hoped to reach through digital distribution.

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The Hitmen

Written by Mike Garley, and Art by George Zapata.

A four-part comic series (Click to enlarge).