Adventure Time – Wallace and Gromit


Mike wrote for Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, which is being published by Titan Publishing. His illustrated (prose) story ‘Finn and Jake’s Never-Ending, Death-Defying Quest – The Day it Rained Teeth!’ appeared in Adventure Time #4. Mike has also written various Adventure Time comic stories, which are appearing within the same publication.

Wallace and Gromit

Mike wrote for Aardman’s Wallace and Gromit that was published by Titan Publishing and appeared daily in the Sun newspaper from 2011-2013.

Mike was responsible for the following week-long stories:

The Entertainment – West Wallaby… Wallaby! – Easy Parker – Soot’s You! -That’s a Wrap – Blown off Course – Treasure Hunt – Sofa so Good – Shiny Shoe – Joust Good Friends – New Year’s Dance Resolutions – Boy’s on Tour – Fair’s Fair! – Survival Island  – A Spot of Art – Hole in Farm – Soapbox Glory