Test Footage


When a simple read-through goes awry the test footage captures something that definitely isn’t meant to be seen by the general public.


TEST FOOTAGE is a short (5 minute) hour film. Filmed during 2020 the film was shot while adhering to restrictions due to Covid-19. The film itself was a micro budget short that operated with a bare bones cast and crew and was filmed entirely on one day.

Click here to check out the trailer - Test Footage Trailer

Test Footage (written by Mike) was his first experienced producing, which he did with director Doiminic Evans.

The film is currently in consideration for several film festivals.


Mike (on the left) watches on as Chris R Wright (centre) and Sam Rix (right) block out a vital scene.

P1090239Doiminic Evans (right) gives Sam (centre) direction, as Chris (left) lurks ominously behind them.

P1090262We watch on as Chris (on the screen) stalks towards us.